Let yourself be tempted by the rythm with Casino in Normandy

Near your hotel in Deauville, you have two historical casinos: the one in Trouville-sur-Mer and the other in Deauville.

Let’s go and try your luck! The Jardins de Deauville Gardens are only 20 minutes away from the casinos of Deauville and Trouville. Enough to spice up your weekend in Normandy and maybe win the bet!

Two renowned establishments :
Before betting on roulette, take the time to admire the magnificent facades of the casino. The most impressive is the casino of Deauville, which opened its doors in 1912. A real “Petit Trianon de Versaille” in front of the sea… and the luxurious interior still holds many surprises for you.

Casino games

Dedicate an evening to entertainment during your weekend in Normandy. After a delicious meal at “the Carrousel”, restaurant of our hotel next to Trouville,choose the game where you have the most fun.
Give it a chance at random with slot machines or roulette, or participate in a poker tournament if you are an ace card player. Strong sensations guaranteed in a majestic setting!

Useful information from our hotel

Casinos have provided players with “coach casino” and even introductory sessions. Because to keep its dimension pleasure and relaxation, the game must first of all remain… a game!

Check out the following site to assess your player profile and budget: http://www.preferezunjeuresponsable.com/

Of course, you don’t have to play. At the casino, you can simply enjoy the decor and have a drink with friends or watch a show. Because these establishments ensure the show well beyond the games!