A hotel near Deauville to discover the traditions of Christmas in Normandy

Around the world, everyone celebrate Christmas but each region has its own traditions. Normandy is no exception to the rule. Here is a variety of traditions to discover during your weekend in our hotel in Deauville.

Yule log: a tradition cake from Normandy

Few people know this, but the Yule log, which is eaten every year at Christmas time, was originally a real branch of wood. A Nordic tradition, Christians replaced him with the celebration of Saint Lucia on December 13th. In Normandy’s past, all the occupants of the home, family and servants, were gathered around a real wooden log called the “Chuquet”.
This large oak log was supposed to burn for three days in a row. With the disappearance of traditional fireplaces and houses, the log became a cake invented in the 1940s.

Christmas Myths and folklore in Normandy

In Normandy, there are 2 Christmas faith. Legend has it that eating a piece of bread that was blessed at Christmas time would protect rabid dogs. On the other hand, giving this bread to a dog that is not affected would immediately have the opposite effect.
It is also said in Normandy that all the animals in the stable will be kneeling down to celebrate the midnight mass but no one has ever really gone to check it out!

Taste “Aguignettes” in the bakeries around our hotel

The “aguignettes” (or haguignettes) are typically Norman sweetnesses. Formerly made exclusively from puff pastry, the homemade biscuit are filled with almonds or apples. Golden and crispy, they can be enjoyed in all the bakeries around our hotel near Deauville. Available throughout the whole season of Advent and at New Year’s Eve, they will delight your taste buds.
The “haguignettes “also refer to the New Years’ gift received by the children who were going to sing from door to door for this period.