Three ingredients to make your summer holidays in Normandy a success!

Between warmth, discovery and relaxation, Les Jardins de Deauville offers you some ideas to enjoy your holidays in Normandy.

Reading on the beach

When you arrive in the very chic seaside resort, you will be irresistibly attracted by the beach and the famous “Boards”. So why not start the weekend in Deauville with a beach day? Imagine: the sea as far as the eye can see, the fine sand and a sea breeze, this is the ideal setting for swimming or reading…

Biblio’ Tech will organize its “Read at the Beach” operation from July 14 to August 31. Go to the kiosk on the Deauville, Place Claude Lelouch, to borrow a book and a magazine for free (leaving your ID card). Between novels, documentaries, magazines and comics, you have a choice!
Biblio’ Tech brings together works for all ages, not forgetting books to discover the region. You will easily find the activities not to be missed during your holidays in Normandy…

Deauville, luxury and poetry

From your hotel near Deauville, you have the opportunity to discover the luxury resort in just 20 minutes. A Stroll through the city, to admire the architecture and cultural treasures of the Second Empire, the Anglo-Norman facades, the casino and palaces… Walk around the market with a thousand and one flavors, taste the local products and the famous Calvados.

Deauville is also an equestrian town, a city of golf courses and the city of American cinema: a special atmosphere, both poetic and warm. We invite you to stay during a weekend in Deauville in our hotel, and to visit cultural and heritage places.