Escapade to Deauville

Sylvia has been attending the Jardins de Deauville for more than 10 years. Used to travel for work, she has particularly developed experience in the hotel business. And if she returns to the Gardens several times a year, it is because she appreciates the quality of the accommodation, the calm and the respect for her privacy.

She tells us about….

A nice discovery

The first time Sylvia discovered the Jardins de Deauville, it was not yet a Vacances Bleues hotel (it would become one a few years later). It was her husband Patrick who booked for them with the intention of spending a few days off from the capital. To her great surprise, this Parisian, accustomed to hotels and nights of passage, is immediately captured by the softness and comfort of the place, the wooded park and the ease of parking nearby.

“It is a place on a human scale, where you feel good from the very first moments” (Sylvia)

Les Jardins de Deauville

Since then, every time she wants to rest for a few days, it is obvious that she chooses the Jardins de Deauville.  It even renounces the loyalty program it has in other brands to come and stay there.

A hotel on a human scale

Although Sylvia is very attached to her privacy and private life, she loves the contact she has established with the staff. She appreciates the discretion and unfailing availability of the Vacances Bleues staff.

Les Jardins de Deauville

“Over there, we’re not numbers, I almost have my own room there” (Sylvia)

It is this combination of professionalism, reserve and friendliness that makes Les Jardins de Deauville a place of total decompression where she feels at ease. She likes long walks in the wooded and enclosed park. She can see and hear the children playing in this very secure environment. A quiet but lively place!

She likes to have her tea on the terrace in the shade of the trees when the weather allows it.

“It’s a fantastic park where children can have fun freely without disturbing the residents” (Sylvia)

A pleasant place to fall from which you can’t get tired

For the past decade, Sylvia and her friend Patrick have been staying at Les Jardins de Deauville every time they want to escape their busy Parisian lives. Only 2 hours by road from the capital, Normandy offers them each time the change of scenery and relaxation they have come to seek. They are constantly discovering new things and never get tired of it.

Recently, they took the opportunity to discover the landing beaches and take a short trip to the city of Le Havre. For them, it is an ideal place to stay for adventurers and families looking for a quiet, welcoming and comfortable place to stay.

An authentic hotel

Sylvia particularly likes the care taken in decorating the rooms. She appreciates this typical Norman chest of drawers but also the elegant armchairs, the comfort of the bedding or the modernity of the bathroom. The rooms are spacious and modern.

“An authentic decoration without being rustic.
This adds something to the feeling of disorientation” (Sylvia)

Chambres Les Jardins de Deauville

By highlighting the raw materials and the antique furniture, which is not too voluminous, the decoration gives the hotel a small rustic taste with sobriety, for the greatest comfort of all.