Historic site of Mount Canisy

The Mount Casiny collection features “the batteries”, treasure over 70 years old.
Access to this historic site, overlooking Blonville-sur-Mer, is from Deauville. Why not plan a stay in Deauville and visit this vestige of the past?

A historical stay near Deauville

The site of “the batteries” of Mount Canisy is open and accessible all year-round. You can explore guns, bunkers, trenches and other equipment that were once used for the protection of the country. Here is an original idea for a weekend outing in Normandy. Guided tours are organized during the months of April to October. An association of volunteers, “Les Amis du Mont Canisy”, takes care of making discover the hidden secrets of “the batteries”. For example, the exploration of the 250-metre underground tunnel, 15 meters underground, is only possible during these guided tours. For more details, visit “Les Amis of Mount Canisy” website.

A piece of history in Normandy

Part of the Atlantic Wall, which extends from Spain to Norway, “the batteries” of Mount Canisy were built to protect Europe from invasion. Initially, from 1935 to 1940, the French Navy installed two ships. They were reinforced around 1942 by the Germans, a system of coastal defence and fortifications. You will learn more during a weekend in Normandy.

A hotel near Deauville to enjoy the “Côte Fleurie”

The “batteries” are located on the Côte Fleurie. In summer, many visits are organized. You can also enjoy the exceptional view of the sea from Mount Canisy, more than 100 meters high. It offers a unique panorama. Book your stay in our hotel near Deauville and let us guide you through the history of Normandy.

A charming hotel close to must-see attractions

The Jardins of Deauville, hotel located not far from Deauville, is ideal place to enjoy your your stay in Normandy. Take advantage of its location in the heart of a wooded and quiet environment to recharge your batteries. Don’t hesitate to take a gourmet break at the restaurant of the hotel “le Carrousel”.