The great place to stay in Deauville

The 3-star hotel Les Jardins de Deauville, near Deauville, will accommodate you during the festival.
Visitors, you will probably need to stay at a hotel in Deauville, the 3-star hotel Les Jardins de Deauville is ideal for enjoying the Festival and the calm surroundings of the Normandy countryside.
Les Jardins de Deauville is a 3-star hotel in Saint-Martin aux Chartrains just 10 minutes from the centre of Deauville. It offers a real peaceful haven in the evening, after a busy day strolling along the beaches and watching films. For your weekend in Normandy, it’s a real home from home where you’ll find everything you need.
To really convince you to make a booking in our hotel, here’s a glimpse of our bedrooms.

A must-go event : The Deauville American film festival

The Festival of American Cinema, the essential cinematic event for autumn
Since its creation, this festival has had the aim of making American cinema known to the European public, professionals, cinephiles and enthusiasts. On the programme, Hollywood and independent cinema, premieres, competitions, slide shows, documentaries… many sections which will give rhythm to this festival with 24/7 projections over 10 days.

The Festival of American Cinema is the ideal time to see premieres of cinematographic works, meet the stars known all over the world, discover new talents, actors and directors, and quite simply enjoy the moment, strolling along the famous boardwalks of Deauville in the hope of coming across your favourite actor or actress.
Attracting over 200,000 visitors each year, the films in the Festival of American Cinema will be presented at 3 sites in Deauville: the Centre International de Deauville, the Casino Cinema and the Morny Club.

Our charming hotel, near Deauville

Homages, documentaries, premieres, television series… so many films which will be presented at the next Festival of American Cinema in Deauville from 4th to 13th September 2015. Remember to book your hotel near Deauville such as Les Jardins de Deauville, because close to 200,000 visitors are expected for this occasion.
A trip to Deauville is therefore an essential event not to be missed for film-lovers.