Visit the exhibition “Deauville dévoile les Franciscaines”.

Discover the mythical setting of Deauville beach and its photography festival until September 30th with the theme of “Les Franciscaines”. It is the former convent of the Franciscan Sisters which will be transformed into a cultural centre. On 4,000m² you will soon be able to find a museum and the most modern media library. Book a room at the Jardins de Deauville, a hotel near Deauville and Trouville, and let yourself be surprised!

Spend a cultural weekend in Deauville

The Franciscans will soon be a high place of culture in Deauville. The architectural agency “Moatti et Rivière” is in charge of the construction project. In a few years, during a stay in Normandy, we invite you to visit this place… The exhibition organized by the City of Deauville, aims to make people more aware of this future cultural place.

Here you will discover the collections of “Les Fransciscaines” :

  • Fernand Léger,
  • André Hamburg,
  • Kees van Dongen,
  • Emeric Feher,
  • James Rassiat,
  • Massimo Vitali,
  • John Bato etc.

A specially designed app is available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play: Deauville Beach. For smaller children, you can also download “Read at the beach”. You can also learn more about the exhibition and the seaside heritage.

Activities near Hotel from Deauville

You can still take advantage of a moment to visit the exhibition. Various animations are planned:

  • 3D creation workshops,
  • Workshop “Editing your own videos is easy”,
  • Drône workshop,
  • Visit “Le Parasol, un savoir-faire deauvillais”.

A weekend in Deauville is an opportunity to discover the future cultural place and exhibitions, planned for 2018, while having a good time! What are you waiting for to book your stay in Normandy?